Safety - Z Contractors - group

At Z Contractors, we derive our core values and safety culture from a focus on uncompromised safety.

We believe that no job or task is more important than worker health and safety. Every effort is put forth to ensure that safe practices are implemented to the highest standard on every project. By utilizing state of the art software we are able to monitor job site conditions in real time allowing us to take corrective actions and eliminate potential hazards.

Proactive job site analysis and pre-planning eliminate potential safety and health threats, enabling our work force to safely execute any task at hand. We firmly believe that every procedure must be a safe procedure and shortcuts of any kind will not be tolerated.

Safety - Z Contractors - safetyIf a worker observes any unsafe condition which may pose a potential threat to their health or safety, it is expected that they will immediately inform management or correct the situation when feasible. Management has the responsibility to take adequate precautions, comply with standards, and ensure the safety and health of employees as well as the general public.